Mission Statement

Helping Angels of Peru is a charitable, 501(c) (3) non-profit organization committed to assisting the poor and under-privileged children of the city of Cajamarca, Peru. The founder, Angelin Kiplinger, is a native of Cajamarca, and all of the volunteers working on behalf of the organization have connections with Peru. The funds that are collected by Helping Angels of Peru are used to purchase essential items such as clothing, simple medical supplies and educational materials for the children of the city and the surrounding towns and villages.


Peru is a country that in recent years has made significant economic progress and is now moving into the category of a nation with a clearly developing economy. The social improvements have been notable, but they have not been widespread, and in regional cities such as Cajamarca much more needs to be done. The founder and all volunteers have a very strong commitment to making Helping Angels of Peru a key organization in the effort to raise young people from poverty and give them the tools necessary to have a proper education and the means necessary to increase their social and economic standing.