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Who We Are
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Brian F. Snowden, Phd. - Director

Angelín Kiglinger - Founder

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Kevin Kiplinger - Secretary

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Amber Gorzynski - Treasurer

All of the people participating in the start-up of the formal organization are volunteers and have special reasons for making the commitment to Helping Angels of Peru. 


Angelín Kiplinger is the Founder of Helping Angels of Peru and a founding Trustee of the organization. Angelin is a native of the city of Cajamarca where she was born and raised. She is familiar with the poverty and the special needs of the children in the region. Angelín got much of her inspiration from her mother, María Luisa Esparza, known to all as 'Mami Lucha', who was a very generous person, always ready to share with people in need of the most basic items.


Kevin Kiplinger is Angelín's husband and a founding Trustee of Helping Angel's of Peru. Kevin is from Ashland, Ohio, and has a BA in Marketing from Ohio State University. He worked for 28 years in the private sector doing sales of chemical products for producers and distributors. Kevin has been inspired by Angelín's dedication to help people of need in her native city and has made the commitment to the goals of the organization.

Starting several years ago, Kevin and Angelín organized and self-funded the first charitable trips to Cajamarca. Eventually it became clear to both of them that to make a greater impact it would be necessary to make their efforts more formal. As a result, they established Helping Angels of Peru a legal entity in the state of Ohio. It is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Brian Snowden has been named the organization's first Director. Brian is married to Julia Alcalde Snowden, who is a native of Peru born in the village of Ascope in northern Peru. Brian has lived in Peru and has made dozens of trips to the country for business and pleasure.  


Brian is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Cincinnati Branch of Wilmington College. His credentials include a BA in Spanish from the University of Virginia, a Master's in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Development from the Union Institute & University. Brian worked for more than twenty years in the private sector doing sales, sales management and territory development for manufacturing firms in global markets with an emphasis in Latin America. He eventually changed careers and has been teaching at Wilmington College on a full time basis for eleven years.

Amber Gorzynski recently joined the organization as Treasurer. Amber is a native of northern Michigan and completed a Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Chemistry at Lake Superior State University. Until completion of her degree, she worked primarily in non-profit capacities with organizations serving both children and adults with developmental disabilities.